Window And Door Security


Window and door security is all important. Sadly there are more attempted break-ins in recent times which means having the right windows and doors for aesthetics, efficiency and security is more critical than ever.

On top of the efficiency with keeping energy in your house and having the best looking windows and doors, make sure your decision when choosing these includes the security factors as well. More and more options are now available with an increased number of locking options available, which may also positively impact your house insurance, and they don’t compromise the aesthetic look that you’re going for either.

We are huge advocates of Solidor composite doors especially when combined with Ultion locks but there are many other options available with equal security measures. AutoLock, for example, provide very good entrance door security and functionality. Designed in response to the fact that 70% of people don’t engage the multi-point locking feature of their uPVC doors when lifting the handle, AutoLock triggers a ten point locking system simply by closing the door. All you need to do is simply turn the key. In addition to multi-point locking, our doors offer extremely robust hinges and toughened or laminated glass for peace of mind and to help keep you safe.

When you get an installation with Emereo, you’re also getting it from a FENSA Approved Installation Company, which means work complies with building regulations, is energy efficient, and registered with the local council. FENSA also verifies that every FENSA Approved Installer’s guarantee is insured.