Which door suits you best?


Deciding which doors to walk through for your patio can be a difficult decision. You might want bi-folding doors or sliding doors, but you just can’t quite decide on which is best. We love installing both and we’ve completed lost of jobs that include both styles in the past.

Sliding doors or bi-folding doors?

So when you’re deciding which is best, it really depends on just how much space and money you’ve got.

Open living room aluminium sliding patio doors

Sliding doors are perhaps more common and typical, it might be a single sliding door or a double, but in essence, they simply slide out of the way and create an opening for you. Regularly they’re floor to ceiling and they’ll open up roughly 50% of the space they accommodate, depending on the style you choose. Good for smaller spaces, where inward or outward opening doors are more restricted, the size of these doors allows more natural light and potentially a great view too.

Open Kitchen Bi-folding aluminium doors

Bi-folding doors have increased in popularity a lot in recent year, especially with larger extensions and open plan kitchens for example. The great thing with bi-folding doors is that you can choose whether they open inwardly or outwardly, which can be determined by the space you have available. It’s important to consider the space they do take though when they’re open and bunched up; if you’ve plenty of space, this won’t be a problem, but it’s definitely a factor that will play a part in your final decision.

They take a little more looking after, because there are more bits that move, but it’s not a huge implication of choosing these doors.

Both doors are great and very practical, offering good ventilation in the hotter months as well as being large enough to accommodate a great views with aluminium options being available for both which offers great functionality and robustness. If you’re having difficult deciding still, let us know and we’ll be glad to take a look at your plans and help you decide which option might be best suited to you and your home.