Thank You Emereo


Emereo recently completed a full house of new windows and door replacements locally. We sat down with our client and discussed the best options as we used a variety of different sized window installations. Also fitted were both a new Solidor composite front door and a stable door to the side of the property.

Thank You

“I would just like to say that the windows and doors that you fitted in my house in July look fantastic. I’m glad you recommended the white as they really brighten up the outside of the house and give it such a modern and up to date feel. Cleaning all the sills outside also added to the finished look, thank you! The windows are seamless on both the inside and out and the seal is incredibly neat.  This is topped off by the white window sills which are even better being ready finished with no need to paint.

I really love the stable back door too, it’s great! I can leave it open without the leaves blowing inside but still get the fresh air in. The grey front double doors create a great finish to the house and I loved that you could show me the them on your screen as we changed all the details of the handles and glass, that was a real bonus being able to see the changing design especially as we weren’t sure about the type of handles that would suit best or where to place them.

You and Rob were both very friendly and professional throughout and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to my friends or using you again if we need to.”

Adding a contemporary touch to your home needn’t be difficult or tasking. Enhancing the aesthetics and kerb appeal of a home is easy with so many options available to help you. From traditional white uPVC windows to now being able to have them in virtually any colour, it’s easier than ever. As well as the visual benefits, you can also benefit from the energy efficiency. Modern windows and doors are much more efficient than their recent predecessors, especially as technology advances.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your home, look no further than Emereo; we’re only too help you make those difficult choices.