Add some colour to your windows!


When you think of getting new windows, you probably think of plain white uPVC windows and double-glazing salesmen, right?

Today, this is far from the truth. We install both windows and doors, amongst many other house extensions and upgrades, but we are also able to supply everything for you. So, you won’t need to deal with lots of different people, a load of invoices and different tradesmen and companies traipsing through your home.

In 2019, the choice of different coloured windows is absolutely staggering and likewise for doors, but white can still be a good look for you! The biggest advancement however, is that you no longer have to suffer with old timber frames that will need replacing eventually just to have something different, but can benefit from the many colours available on uPVC windows.

They are also infinitely more economical and secure, on top of being much more stylish. You can get them in so many different colours; you can match your neighbours, stand out from the crowd, or maintain that timber appearance whilst having much better security and economy for your home.

Not only that, but you can match it to the colour of your door, or even have them a different colour internally compared to the external appearance, to maintain the décor within your home.

We’ve installed everything from plain white, to Irish Oak and Anthracite grey and they all look fantastic and perfectly in place, matching the requirements and requests of our customers.

What colour and style of windows would you go for?